Closing of the BIST mentoring programme

Dear mentors and mentees, 

Our first edition of the BIST mentoring programme is about to finish. During these days you may probably have had the last meeting with your partner, so we would like to encourage you to take the most of it. Prepare this meeting with an extra dose of enthusiasm, and make sure say a nice bye bye to this experience. We really expect that this mentoring programme has been relevant and useful for you and your partner. 

At the end of the programme you will receive the final evaluation form. Please use a few minutes to fill it and to share your thoughts with us. Since this is the first edition, we are more than happy to learn from your experience, and of course to learn from our mistakes. We are planning our next edition and we want to improve it as much as possible. 

We are very grateful for your contribution so far, and we really expect that your experience will have an impact in your partner and your career.  

Thanks a lot, this programme wouldn’t have been possible without you. Enjoy the last meeting, and have a lovely summer! 

Mentoring team. 

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